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Born and lives in Tokyo
Graduate of Musashino Art Junior College

While pursuing her activity as a calligrapher to explore the traditional beauty of “Kana,” the Japanese phonetic letters, Atsumi discovers the “Monyo,” abstract watermark that Sumi (Japanese ink) creates on paper, as her method of artistic expression.

Her calligraphy-based art applied to different media such as ceramics, lacquer ware, and fabrics, makes a distinct combination. They have been featured in a number of exhibitions mainly in Tokyo. More recently, Atsumi rediscovered the significant texture of “washi” or Japanese paper, the traditional medium for Japanese calligraphy, and eventually became involved in the art of Washi-papermaking. Atsumi’s creative method to incorporate patterns made by Sumi in the process of papermaking resulted with her signature Shapes of Sumi, the unique forms of Sumi that are created spontaneously. Atsumi’s first overseas exhibition was held in 2006 at the Caelam gallery in New York, followed by next two years in 2007 and 2008.

During the process of Washi papermaking, Sumi ink is brushed onto Japanese paper. Unique forms beyond one’s imagination soon rise to the surface of the paper; shades, gradation, and bleeding. Just like the shapes of leaves, which differ depending on types of flowers or trees, just like clouds that change their shapes over time, when water is introduced to Sumi, monochromatic Sumi ink takes on an infinite number of expresions. Each shape formed by Sumi ink is unique.


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