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Brian Williams was born in Lima, Peru, where he lived until the age of sixteen. He finished high school in Santa Barbara in the 1960s, the age of the counterculture. Whereas most artists went to Europe to study art, Brian traveled to Japan with $300 in his pocket and he never left. He and his family live in Kyoto in a one hundred and fifty year old Japanese farmhouse. The light and air around the farmhouse Brian says is one of the subjects that he renders so beautifully in his prints, paintings, and watercolors.

Williams says that it takes time to get to know a place well enough to be able to really paint it. He says that you have to build up the knowledge, the experiences and the emotions about it and develop a pictorial vocabulary to express them.

Williams is one of the leading American artists living in Japan.

He is the first American to have over forty shows at the Takashimaya Department Stores where some of the most important art exhibitions are held in Japan.

Speaking of his work Brian says, “When you make the right strokes, with the right color, the right touch, there is this sense of being a participant and spectator in a lovely and inevitably unfolding event.” Summing up his feelings quite simply Brian also says, “When my eyes are open, I’m never bored. If I’m outside somewhere with an easel and watercolors, that’s the happiest I get.”

British Museum
Cincinnati Art Museum
Portland Art Institute
Los Angeles County Museum of Art


Brian Williams, Country Courtyard - Kyoto

Lake Biwa, Moonrise

Gone to the City - Winter

Brian Williams, New Thatch, Old Tile

Winter Evening, Kodeishi

Autumn Leaves

Country Lane - Kyoto

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