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Gotou was born north of Kyushi in 1953. He is one of the most important baren makers in Japan. Gotou said, “I like something very simple like stones.” If I look at stones, I can feel something. Every morning Gotou walks on the beach with his dog and looks at the stones. When he picks up a stone, he picks up the one that is not attractive. To Gotou, it is about good shape or bad shape. In his studio he has a box of stones that he collected at the beach. According to him each stone has changed by itself over a long period of time. Each stone has a full life and history.

Gotou says that a stone has its own life like a human being. He looks at the stones like he is looking at people on the street. He works on many drawings each morning before he is completely awake. He has worked like this for many years.

As well as being a printmaker he is a master baren maker for many of the elite Japanese printmakers.

Museum collections:
Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Suzaka City Museum of Graphic Art, Nagano.


Stone Window

Moon Color

Dew Drops at Night

A Door to The Night

Moon Night Shadows

Day and Night


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