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b. 1876 – 1950 Kurume, Fukuoka

Hiroshi Yoshida (born Hiroshi Ueda) was born in the city of Kurume, Fukuoka, in Kyushu, on September 19, 1876.[1] He showed an early aptitude for art fostered by his adoptive father, a teacher of painting in the public schools. At age 19 he was sent to Kyoto to study under Tamura Shoryu, a well known teacher of western style painting. He then studied under Koyama Shotaro, in Tokyo, for another three years.

Yoshida experimented with several art media. In his house were self-created mosaic floors, marble sculptures, inlaid cork pictures, and stained glass windows. His curiosity and experimentation also extended to his printmaking. Sometimes he printed on silk instead of paper and cut blocks from woods other than standard cherry. He even used zinc plates for intricately detailed parts of fifty or more prints, including Tomonoura Harbor, Plum Gateway, and Hirosaki Castle. His inquiring spirit and creativity clearly can be seen in the technique he used to create variant impressions using the same blocks by changing colors, such as the different versions on Sailing Boat series, The Matterhorn and The Matterhorn at Night, and six other examples of variant impressions. Yoshida was very confident in this technique of using the same blocks to suggest different colors and moods, so he entered four impressions of the Sailing Boats series in the 8th Teiten in 1927 to seek the public’s evaluation. There were the only prints he entered in a government-sponsored exhibition. As he expected, the prints created a sensation.

Tokyo National Museum
Brooklyn Museum
San Deigo Museum of Art
British Museum
Museum of Fine Arts Boston
Toledo Museum of Art
Riccar Art Museum
Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

Sailing Boat Afternoon

Snow in Nakazato

Hiroshi Yoshida, Sailing Boats Morning

Sailing Boats Forenoon

farmhouse approach


waiting for the tide

Hiroshi Yoshida, Sailing Boats Mist

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