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b. 1938
1963, graduated from public College for Art in Kyoto

Kazutoshi Sugiura was born in 1938. He originally restored old Japanese screens. He has applied the same process to make his beautiful gold backgrounds. He silkscreens his floral subjects onto the beautiful gold leaf.

Kazutoshi Sugiura developed his own style, different from the traditional prints and gold grounded painting. He set his silk screen prints on a ground of gold, conveying a certain archaic and extreme idea of their high worth. What is astonishing is that Sugiura achieved overwhelming success at exhibitions after getting his degree with just a single traditional motif: flowers.

There are grand peonies, roses, camellia, chrysanthemum, lilies, irises, cosmos and other flowers, set in every possible color nuances and gold grounded. They are made in the finest detail. The precision is probably archaic. However, the simplicity of the composition, compared to the perfection of the finish and above all the poetry of the impact, make these pictures based on tradition appear contemporary.

The works of Kazutoshi Sugiura and his mixed technique consist of three phases. First the artist applies the sheet of gold on the hand made paper. On top of that he sets his motif in silk screen press. With a stretched strongly woven silk towel he presses on it an abraded texture with lithography-colors. Finally he patinates the gold ground with a misty color in purple, blue or green, whichever lets the gold shimmer like a gem.

Brooklyn Museum of Art 
Museum of Modern Art 
Art Institute of Chicago
British Museum

iris #94

iris #93

Iris #97

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Iris No. 65

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