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Art for me is a conversation between the artist and the viewer. Sometimes the conversation is direct and immediate while other times it wanders back and forth in fragments. The artist draws the viewer into the conversation by creating images that speak to our lives, conscious and unconscious. The culture of the Orient holds a special place in my artistic soul. I admire the simplicity of design, the sensitivity of surface and shape and the contemplative approach to art. The Kyoto Series is a group of works that are unified through color and intent. The works share a similar palette of muted shades of grays, browns and black with subtle textural surfaces. Although the shapes are hard edged their surfaces flow with energy, sometimes swirling and other times creating restless pools of space. Blurred surfaces are contrasted against sharp ones, aggressive strokes of paint become focal points and meandering coils become entwined. These works speak of sky and earth, space and substance, ancient markers, stillness and tranquility.

Butler Institute of American Art
The Cleveland Art Association


Sabi H-I

Sabi II

Kimono Series-T-I

Hare - Folded Paper Series

Kimono 2008

Wind and Water (Series:Chinese Nature Symbols) - Jean, William Martin

The Four Seasons (Series:Chinese Nature Symbols) - Jean, William Martin

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