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b. 1947 Tokyo

After studying graphic art, Mr. Takada became an apprentice of Mr. Serizawa, a national treasure of Japan. He not only learned the dyeing procedure, he discovered his inspiration. Mr. Takada accompanied Mr. Serizawa as an assistant to Paris and San Diego. He doesn’t join any organizations. Mr. Takada has held exhibitions at the Foreign Press Club of Japan, La Pola, Shin Takanawa Prince Hotel, Shibuya Seibu Dept. Store etc. He opened his studio in Yugawara in 1984.

Mr. Takada is a Katazome artist. Katazome is a dyeing method using stencils. Various designs are cut out from Japanese paper dipped in persimmon tannin. The stencil is placed on the fabric then a special Japanese paste is applied. Where the paste is applied, the fabric remains its original color. After the fabric is dyed, it is boiled or steamed to let the dye settle. Finally, the fabric is washed thoroughly in clean water.


Yuzu and Pumpkin (Indigo)


Plum Tree

Sake Cups (Indigo)

Blue Bell


Comb Stencil

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