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b. 1941 Tokyo
1966-1968 studied at Pratt Graphics Center, NY
1966 Tokyo University of Fine Arts

Oda is known as the Japanese Matisse. Her prints are simple with bold color and a playful sense of fun. “All women are goddesses,” Mayumi says. “But each woman must discover this innate potential.” Mayumi does not consider herself a feminist but simply wants to project the nurturing vitality of the female. Her lively nature and positive attitude are apparent in all her work.

Mayumi Oda was born in Japan but has lived most of her life in the United States. Oda originally took all the Gods of Japan and changed them into whimsical Goddesses. Someone once asked her if she ever did Gods. She replied, "No, but sometimes I do frogs." After completing the Goddess series, She did a series and wrote a book called "Happy Veggies".

Recently Mayumi has been making prints for the causes she is interested in, specifically the environment. She believes in a happy and simple life, grows all her own vegetables, and is close to Mother Earth in all her endeavors. Although her work is likened to that of Matisse, her fabulous vegetable and flower garden makes one think instead of the luxuriance of Monet’s garden at Giverny. 

Museum of Modern Art
Boston Museum of Fine Art
Cleveland Museum of Art
Cincinnati Museum of Art
Library of Congress

Flower Viewing

Early Spring Heart Sutra

Bliss of The Sea l

Victorian Invention - Locomotive

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