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Micah Schwaberow lives in Santa Rosa, California. He studied for one year with the master printmaker Toshi Yoshida. With extraordinary patience and respectfulness, he observed “the ballet” of the printmaking process and applied it to his own work. His woodblock prints, which are small treasures, consist mainly of subtle landscapes and line drawings of the female figure. By working small, Micah says he is forced to condense what he’s trying to say. He thinks of his work as “color haiku, large places compressed, intimate glimpses through small windows.” Micah hopes that his reverence for his subject matter comes through to the viewer and “acts as a kind of medicine, or like a little piece of healing.” Micah explains, “I’m interested in honoring a small event or an event that isn’t Mt. Fuji, in hopes that it will help people see that they’re surrounded by these small, magical events in their lives, but maybe forgot to notice.”

 “My involvement with printmaking began in 1979 with frustrated attempts at figurative monotypes. Elizabeth Quandt-Barr encouraged me to enroll in her printmaking and etching classes at Santa Rosa Junior College, and I have been immersed in printmaking ever since.

For one month in 1981 and ten months in 1982 I studied traditional woodblock printmaking techniques in Japan with master printmaker Toshi Yoshida and his professional carvers and printers. In September of 1982 I was assistant teacher to Toshi Yoshida during a three week woodblock class held for foreigners in Japan. I have given lecture/demonstrations at the University of California in Berkeley and Mills College in Oakland and taught a two day workshop at the San Francisco Art Institute through the Center for the Study of Japanese Woodblock Prints.”

Achenbach Foundation for the Graphic Arts
Palace of the Legion of Honor, San Francisco
California Museum of Art
Luther Burbank Center, Santa Rosa

Private collections in the USA, Japan, England, Germany, and France

autumn light sugarloaf ridge

pomegranates three plus two

moonlight on the water

Micah Schwaberow, Sailor's Delight

dragonfly bowl

morning light still waters

nightfall gualala river

persimmons duet

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