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Endo's prints are a combination of photography, computers and lithography. After he takes photographs of nature he scans the images into a computer and manipulates the images into beautiful designs.

He then transfers the images to lithographic plates and prints them.

"The source of my creative thoughts is to form structural expressions in my mind space. There I layer several different timelines into one, or construct a world where the real and unreal coexist and interact.

Though I work more on the computers these days, fundamental attitude to my creation has been pretty much unchanged as it was in the non-digital age. The reason why I stick with non-digital way of thinking is because it can interact with my body and soul much more smoothly and naturally. But at the same time, I'm eager to take advantage of the latest technology and media for creation. What I'm always trying to do is to explore a new relationship with emerging media. And the exploration continues as confirming the origin of my artistic expressions." - Susumu Endo

Museum collections:
British Museum
Sao Paulo Museum
Tochigi Museum
National Museum of Modern Art-Kyoto
Cleveland Museum of Art

Space/Space Nature 0014

Space/Space Nature 99B

Space/Space Horizon #1

Susumu Endo, Space and Space 95 B

Susumu Endo, Space and Space / Horizon

Susumu Endo, Space and Space / Nature 94 C

Susumu Endo, Space and Space / Nature No. 1

Susumu Endo, Space and Space / Nature No. 4

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