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Printmaker and book artist Tuula Moilanen was born in Finland 1959. She is a member of The Finnish Printmakers Association and The International Ukiyo-e Society in Japan. After finishing her art studies in Finland in 1989, Tuula Moilanen became a research student in Japanese traditional woodblock printmaking and papermaking at Kyoto Seika University (Japan). Tuula has been living in Kyoto, Japan for over twenty years.

Tuula's works are based on old stories, myths and mysteries of various origins. Another source of her inspiration is nature, starting from the microcosmos to the vastness of space. From 2008 Tuula has also been inspired by the old Japanese Ukiyo-e prints, and is currently producing several series of "mitate" -prints, which lean on their themes and composition.

Moilanen started reading by herself when she was four years old. She began with the Grimm Brothers and still remembers the mysterious forests in the stories and the superpowers possessed by the heroes.

Nature is Moilanen's biggest source of inspirations. She possesses a superpowerful imaginations which can be found in her delightful woodblock prints. Moilanen says that crossing over the borders of reality and fantasy is her greatest pleasure.

Tuula has held several solo and group exhibitions in Finland since 1980 and in Japan since 1990. She has also participated in many group exhibitions in Europe, USA and Canada. As well as being a professional artist, Tuula Moilanen is an active writer who has published books and articles about Japanese art and culture since 1995. Among her writings is the chapter on Japanese woodblock printing in The Art and Craft of Woodblock printmaking (UIAH 1999). Her latest research concerning "The concept of time and eternity in Japanese woodblock prints will be published in Finland in 2011.

Museums: Finnish and Japanese museums and collections.

bridge series snake

bridge series moon

bridge series fish

i want dreams

i want time

i want to be seen

i want a chance

i want to continue

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