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b. 1898 - 1944

Among collectors of Japanese prints Shuho Yamakawa is known for about two dozens of woodblock prints depicting the old genre of bijin - beautiful women.

Shuho Yamakawa was born in Kyoto. His teacher was Kiyokata Kaburagi. In his studio he learned painting and printmaking. Other fellow students of his were Hasui Kawase, Ito Shinsui and Torii Kotondo.

Like his friends Ito Shinsui and Torii Kotondo, Shuho Yamakawa specialized in images of beautiful women. Compared to his fellow artists, his style was a bit more retrograde. Some of the woodblock prints were published by the famous shin hanga publisher Watanabe Shozaburo.

Shuho Yamakawa died at an early age of 46 when World War II was still raging. He could not experience the post-war years, which after around 1950 saw quite a commercial boom in shin hanga prints.

Apart from woodblock prints, the artist was also active as an illustrator and as a painter. In his early years he produced kuchi-e lithographs. Noteable is also a series of woodblock prints of traditional Japanese dancers from the late 1930s.

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