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Katsunori Hamanishi - Master of Mezzotint - Demonstration

After his solo show at the Smithsonian Museum in 2012, top mezzotint artist Katsunori Hamanishi had a one man show at the Art Institute of Chicago in 2013. During the exhibition Hamanishi gave a demonstration in Chicago on how he makes his prints.

Night Magic : Snow Lion Moon by Sarah Brayer

Watch the changes in paperwork Snow Lion Moon, by artist Sarah Brayer, as the work is views in daylight and then in the dark. Brayer creates unique paperworks using phosphorescent pigments that glow in the dark.

Night Magic: Moon Archer by Sarah Brayer

Moon Archer", paperwork by artist Sarah Brayer, changes when viewed in the daylight and then in the dark. Brayer creates unique artworks using phosphorescent pigmented paper. Experience a work that changes with the light.

Daniel Kelly Highfire

Documentary by John Wells about the making of the woodblock print "Highfire" by artist Daniel Kelly in Kyoto, Japan.

Making 'Spring Bath' at Sarah Brayer studio

Sarah Brayer shows us part of the process in making Spring Bath in her studio in Japan

Gloria Plevin: A Portrait of Life

Gloria Plevin, a Cleveland artist who also paints (and owned a gallery) in Chautauqua, New York, talks about her life, career and creative process. Her beautiful paintings of landscapes, botanicals and family are interwoven with the scenes and plants that inspire her art. Watch her watercolor a gorgeous new botanical painting.

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